To projekter, Anstalten i Nuuk og Løvhusene i Nye, er blevet shortlistet til WAN AWARD 2017

FRIIS & MOLTKE kan med stolthed afsløre, at to af vores projekter er gået videre i konkurrencen om at vinde WAN Awards 2017 inden for kategorierne Future Projects Residential Award og Future Project Civic Award.

Vinderne offentliggøres d. 28. februar 2018, til det prestigefyldte WAN Awards 2017 Event.

Jury udtalelser om Ny Anstalt, Nuuk / New Prison in Nuuk

“A truly forward thinking approach to rehabilitation.” Carmen Pereira

“This project has a bigger and more substantial idea, it has impact and power as an institution.”  Simon Erridge

“It’s a correctional facility, but it really rethinks what that is. It doesn't provide a lavish interior, but it provides a kind of adequate homely environment, that suggest to me that it would be a much better place to be in prison than elsewhere and much more effectively do the job of rehabilitation.”  Suzi Winstanley

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Civic Award

Jury udtalelser om Nye Løvhusene, Danmark / The Clusters in the forest

“I really like how this has interesting variations within the clusters, enabling different sizes of accommodation. I really like how sensitive it is to it’s setting.”  Lotta Nyman

“What I like about the quality of it is it’s quite a modest, quiet scheme. It fits into its context both in terms of its material and in terms of the plan and the way in which it works into the sculptured landscape.”  Andrew Waugh

“It does appear like it’s been conceived as a couple of joint houses but it's actually an apartment building but scaled down. It deals with model living in its context.”  Cian Davis

Se indstillingen The clusters in the forest.